We respect the privacy of our customers and clients, and the users of the Internet and this website, generally.  We provide to the users of the Internet and this website the following privacy statement and policy because we understand the importance of privacy and how we may collect and use information that is received while visiting this website.


You can visit this website without providing any personal information.  However, it is possible that by visiting this website we, and our vendors, may collect information such as, but not limited to, domain names, cookies, and other information that is incidental to the use of the internet and the visiting of websites.  The collection of this type of data and information is utilized to measure items such as, but not limited to, the number of visits to the website and the number of views for each page of the website.   This information may be used to measure the use of the website and to make adjustments, improvements, and changes, as deemed necessary and appropriate, to the website.


This website includes the opportunity for its users to complete forms that request certain information and transmits that information to us.   This information includes, but is not necessarily limited to, your name, mailing and/or e-mail address, and phone number.  This website also includes the ability for users to provide additional comments while transmitting the requested information.   This website does not intend to solicit any more information than it directly asks the user to provide, if any.   Any and all information that you transmit via this website will not be sold to third parties.   


This website may contain links to other websites or provide and convey information that leads a user to view other websites.  If links to other websites are included on this website, or if a user chooses to visit other websites based on their review of this website, we cannot guarantee the privacy practices and security of those other websites, and, as such, we are not responsible for the content or the privacy practices of those websites.   We strongly recommend that users review other website’s terms and conditions and privacy policies.


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We may make changes to our privacy policies at our discretion.  If changes are made they will be posted to this website.